Madden NFL Defensive Strategies

Madden NFL Mobile’s new season has included new and improved tools which allows better Defensive Strategy planning. The play number depends on the level of the player. Last year, there is a long scrolling display to determine the number of plays used. In the new season, there is now the Selected Plays bar which enables the player to see the used game counts.

There is not much information regarding run, long pass, and short pass. But now, players can sort plays for these categories. The sorting may be based on touchdowns scored, average yards obtained in a play, and the frequency of the runs.

Aside from the improvement in Defensive Strategy, there are also new features added such as New Player Matchups. Players may now send the ball to specific players that they want. The Matchups help by helping users see which ones are the primary players which includes the halfbacks, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. Even field defenders may be seen.

To determine the defensive matchups of your players, tap a player to see his Player Item. In that screen, you’ll see the counterpart of your player in the other team. You could always just do another tap to exit that screen or just look for it in Settings.

In Head to Head lays, there are new updates that fixed glitches such as the turnovers and Madden Mobile coin hack generator. Whenever a drive is
finished, the players cannot replay the down anymore. They also cannot force the app to close when the game is dead. That was in the past, but now, plays may end in the proper way and the opponent’s turn is made sure to take effect.

All these improvements are included in the latest release of Madden NFL Mobile last August 19. You may learn more about the game by downloading it now and see it for yourself.

Types of Cars or Vehicles on Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads is a video game designed especially for mobiles; the game was manufactured by Hipster Whale, an Indie company and was released last year in November. Crossy Roads hack tool is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android.

What is the Game all about?

In Crossy Roads you have to cross a street and your primary objective is to not hit other cars on the roads or fall into water. You can move in four directions with the help of different keys – you can move forwards, backwards, right and left.

Of course when you have to cross the street you must look out for different cars, which can hit you when you get careless or make any mistake; these cars present the real challenge and act as obstacles on the road.

Types of Cars or Vehicles in Crossy Roads

Here are some of the cars or vehicles you will find in Crossy Roads;

Police Cars

crossy road police carPolice cars are not that commonly found in Crossy Roads; however that does not make them safe. It only takes one hit from a Police car for you to die. Crossy Roads police cars look like real-life cop cars so you will have no problem spotting them. You can easily avoid getting hit by a police car if you wait for the road to clear out, but remember it is usually when the road is clear when a police car may appear. Once you find a clear road just sprint to go across the road. Other than trains, police cars are the fastest in the game.

Race Cars

Race cars are red in color and have a white roof along with a grey spoiler. Race cars also appear rarely and surprisingly they do not run that fast. Just like all other cars, to avoid race cars you have to wait for the street to clear out and then sprint.

Gas Trucks

Gas trucks do not appear on the road that often; however when they do you must be very careful because their one hit will kill you. These trucks in the game look like real-life gas trucks and are grey and blue in color. These trucks release a gas puff and are bigger than other vehicles on the road. Gas trucks explode when you hit them, killing you instantly.

Red Trucks

Red trucks kill you by either running over you; these trucks have a red front and look exactly like real-life tractor trailers. It is not hard to avoid these trucks; all you have to do is cross the road carefully.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks will only appear when you choose an Australian character in the game. These trucks are blue and white in color and look a lot like real-life trucks. These trucks became a part of the game after its Australian update.

Blue Trucks

Blue trucks are very common in Crossy Road and are found in their lane. Just like red trucks they have six wheels and are as big as the red ones.


train from Crossy Road

Trains appear on railroads only and look like real-life trains. These trains can catch you off guard because of their speed. In order to avoid them you just have to see the railway light; if it is red do not cross the road and wait for the train to pass.

My Singing Monsters Time Machine Vehicle

In reality, when we think of time machines we typically think about a machine we hope will exist one day that can take us to different points of our life from the past and even the future. There is a time machine in My Singing Monsters, but it’s not quite the time machine you had in mind, in fact it might be even better than you could have imagined. Have you ever thought of a structure/building for players to increase the speed of their music in the game? Let’s all take a moment and appreciate the inventor of this idea because most of us would have never came up with something so magnificent.

Well allow me to speak for myself, I would have never came up with something so creative. The time machine in My Singing Monsters is definitely one of it’s most positive and impressive qualities. When you click the time machine item you will be able to control the speed of your monsters singing or the making of music. Unfortunately, it’s not a permanent thing because once you release the button, the music will go back to normal. In my opinion, the fact that it’s not permanent doesn’t take away from the glory of how amazing this feature is to begin with.

To use the time machine, you must select Time Machine and press the Warp icon. After this, select the slider and slide it to the left or right. If you are able to warp positively the way you are supposed to, the song speeds up and the monsters voices get higher pitched. On the other hand, if you are able to warp negatively, the song slows down and the monsters voices get lower pitched.

Are you new to the game and wondering how you can get the time machine feature? When first playing the game, the time machine app won’t be available. It’s definitely something you have to work towards, but it will be worth the wait and the hard work. If you have 50, 000 coins and you are past level 10, you will see the time machine pop up in the shop. There are many websites and YouTube videos filled with cheat sheets and ways to hack the game. If someone really wanted to, they could get features like the time machine app before they did all the hard work. I refuse to go into details about where you could find the websites that will help you to cheat on this game because I am against cheating, and cheating is definitely for losers.

I hope you agree. Doesn’t cheating ruin games? It’s better to play and put in the hard work, thus being rewarded with fun things like the Time Machine will be great. This game can help to keep you busy when you are bored and even calm down anxiety if you have, so don’t ruin a great game by cheating. This game is phenomenal and if you haven’t heard of it or played it yet, you should most definitely give it a try.

Amazon Considering Car Trunk Delivery

Amazon, one of the world’s leading electronic commerce companies, recently tied up with Audi and DHL to try out car trunk delivery for times when nobody is around to receive the shipped goods. After their drone delivery method and thumb-drived sized buttons which allows you to order in just one click, the guys of Amazon surely know how to think outside the box.

An amazon delivery truck parked on the streets

An amazon delivery truck parked on the streets

If ever you have experienced missing the UPS guy who delivers the items you have shopped from Amazon, this service could be for you. German automaker Audi just announced on the fourth week of April that they are testing a service wherein Amazon packages could be delivered straight to the customers’ car trunks.
Here’s what would happen. During online checkout, customers would be given the chance to select their own vehicles as the shipping address.

This in turn would give Amazon the authority to track their cars using GPS. The delivery man from Amazon would soon know where such cars could be parked and using state of the art electronic authorization code which is keyless, the trunk could be popped and the shipment could be placed inside. Not to worry for the car owners since the code can only be of one-time use, for a limited amount of time.

Amazon believes that this service could offer flexibility to the customers and is even more efficient since it could help avoid instances wherein the customers are not available to receive their shipments. In the long run, this system could even decrease road traffic.

Currently, this option is set to be tested in Munich, Germany by May. Amazon is indeed never running out of innovative ideas these past few days. Amazon hopes to have this system rolled out internationally if this experiment in May is successful. Let us keep our fingers crossed towards this breakthrough.


Facts About Classic Car Insurance

Classic CarDo you own a classic car? If yes, and then perhaps you would like to have the car insured. There are different things that one has to know about having a vintage or classic car insured. Classic car insurance is a breed of its own since it is not like the usual car insurance.

Below is some information that a classic car insurance owner must know.

  1. Type of vehicle

How does one define a classic car or better yet when can you consider a vehicle as vintage or classic?

Classic cars are considered as such if it falls under any of the three criteria or category. These are Edwardian (vehicles or cars made anytime between the years 1905 and 1918); Limited (special or rare vehicle editions); and Veteran (vehicles manufactured on or before 1904 in the month of December.

One has to keep in mind that not all vehicles manufactured before the year 1974 is considered to be a classic vehicle. Vehicles manufactured before 1974 that are two-door sports car, foreign sports car, four-door sedans or vehicles that have V8 engines of big blocks or have unique shapes are considered collectible and classic cars.

  1. Age

In most cases, a vehicle must be at least 15 years of age before it can be considered as a classic vehicle and can qualify for classic car insurance coverage. In some cases, some jurisdictions would prefer that the car is at least 25 years of age to be considered as a classic vehicle.

  1. Background of driver

Classic car insurance coverage also has limitations or stipulations when it comes to the driver specifically the age restriction of the driver. Plus, most car insurers are strict pertaining as to who drives the vehicles, as well as the experience and driving history of those who are listed as allowed drivers for the vehicle.

  1. Storage

Classic car insurers are also very particular on the storage of the classic and vintage vehicles. Car insurance companies will require that owners keep the car in a secure and closed garage. Classic car owners are even encouraged by these insurance companies to spend for proper car storage in order to secure and store these vintage vehicles properly.

  1. How the car is used

No car insurance company will provide coverage for vintage cars that are used as the primary vehicle by the owner. Auto car insurers will not provide for coverage if the car is used on a daily basis even if the vehicle is rare or already vintage.

Classic vehicles that are used rarely are the only ones eligible for classic car insurance coverage.

In addition, most insurance policies for classic vehicles have stipulations about mileage. For example, classic car insurance may require that the annual mileage of the vehicle is around 5,000 miles and less.



Devrim Automobile


In Turkish, Devrim means “revolution.”

Devrim automobile was the first local Turkish automobile created and served as a source of hope in Turkey. It all started in June 16, 1961 when a meeting was called out by the Turkish Republic President Cemal Gursel to develop a street car that the Turkish could use. This goal has been escalated to the TCDD or the National Railways of Turkish Republic. As a country, they wanted to prove that they are capable of producing cars on their own despite facing other kinds of problems in their country.

At first, there were a lot of negative reactions to the said project but this did not stop the team led by Emin Bozoglu. In the western part of Turkey at Eskisehir, they started with the project by choosing a building to serve as their working area. By 1924, they had 20 engineers. Some of them did not even know how to drive a car so they still had to study the engines of other automobiles. Later on, they were able to construct engines and gearboxes. Finally, they were able to identify the structure of an automobile and from then on, they identified how to replicate those.

The design for the first car they assembled came up within four and a half months. Since the engineers were pressed for time, technical drawings were not drawn and instead, the engineers had to instruct workers through rough estimates by eye. As they went through manufacturing, they encountered problems such as housing, motor, and the gas and brake mechanisms.

These problems led the State Planning Organization to believe that the Devrim was useless and that the money of the Turkish public set for it is put to waste. Here are the technical specifications of the Devrim:

Weight: 1250 kg.
Length: 4500 mm.
Width: 1800 mm.
Height: 1550 mm.
Place of manufacture: Eskişehir Railway Factory
Production duration: 4.5 months
Production Capacity: 4 Passenger Cars
10 Piece Engine: 4 A4L type 3 type 3 B3T type A4T
7 Piece transmissions: A type 3 unit 4 unit B-type
Number of Cylinders: 4
Cylinder Diameter: 81 mm.
Cylinder Volume: 20 70 cm
Stroke: 100 mm.
Compression: 6.8: 1
Power: 50 HP
Speed: 3600 d / d

Finally, the Devrim was introduced to the public by October 29, 1961 coinciding with the 38th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. President Cemal Gursel was supposed to be taken to Anitkabir using this car. Because of the fast pacing of events, last minute additions had to be done to the Devrim even while it was being transported in the train.

The petrol tank had to be separated during transportation for safety reasons and unfortunately, the engineers forgot to put it back. As a result, the automobile stopped 100 meters after Gursel rode it. The crowd was already excited but this simple mistake had changed the course of things. Thus, the famous saying of Gursel came out where he said,

“The project team developed automobile with western mind, however forgot to supply the fuel with eastern mind.”

The Devrim was never mass produced because of this single, unfortunate event which was inadvertent. Had it been the engineers have remembered fueling up the automobile, Turkey would have been very proud to produce their very own automobile out of scratch. At the time, there was no industry in Turkey and this could have been the first.

Until now, questions remain unanswered to what could have happened if the Devrim actually took off for more than 100 meters and if Gursel had not said what he said. After this failed attempt, more negative reviews of the project emerged and soon, Turkey has forgotten of this supposed to be monumental event.